Sunday, May 31, 2015


Two years ago I invited a friend to our quilting club's final "Show and Tell" party at which our members display the quilts they've made that year.  I posted earlier about the one we had this year.

S. was not a quilter at all.  She had other hobbies and interests.  But she won a door prize that night, a few fat quarters of nice fabric.  "Well," she thought, "I guess I'd better do something with these."  She started making quilts.  Her first one was a lovely raggy quilt.  It turned out very well.  Since then she's made many, many quilts and given most of them away.

Her chief delight is appliqué, and she's become very good at it!  She does very careful work and her quilts turn out extremely well.  Here's a picture of her latest, a baby quilt along with a doll quilt made to match.

I was delighted that she took the time today to bring it here to show me, and happy that she gave permission for me to share it with you.

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