Thursday, May 28, 2015


said the spider to the fly...."  A little drama unfolded beside me in a sunny windowsill.

A fat fly became entangled in a tiny spider's web.  He buzzed and wriggled and tried to fly free.  The spider danced around him--climbed right onto his back.  Much buzzing and jiggling.  The spider had a wild ride.  But in the end that little spider, scarcely bigger than a pinhead captured the fly.  

Do tiny little spiders have poison to kill a fly?  Or did the fly simply get too tangled and exhaust himself?  The whole drama took just a few minutes.  I was impressed.  The one fly should feed that spider for many, many days!

I prefer spiders to stay outside, but now I have conflicted feelings about the doughty little fighter.  What odds the little beast overcame!

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