Monday, May 25, 2015


That photo in the last post is quilt #12 for this summer.  I bought some more strips to finish it, but couldn't resist trying out that pattern in some other fabrics--the ones the pattern was actually meant for.  I'm really, really liking this combination.

There was hardly any time to sew last week, with all that cleaning, which included the   garage.  But yesterday afternoon I did find time to get into the new fabric.

Around 6 p.m. I made a stupid mistake and decided it was time to quit.  Here are some of the strip sets and you'll see the one on the right has one of the seams facing the wrong way.

This morning I spent time picking out all of those stitches, 42 inches worth, pressed the strip flat and resewed.  Well, sometimes it's possible to be just too stupid!  I sewed it on the wrong way again!  There's some pickin' out ahead!

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