Monday, May 18, 2015


I did find time now and then over the weekend to do some sewing on the Boxy Stars quilt, and the top is finished.  This is a very easy pattern that you can find on Bonnie Hunter's Free Patterns tab.  I made paper piece foundations for it, and the points are very precise.  I'm hoping that the machine quilting will bring out the "stars," the darker fabrics at the centre of each block.  If not, well, it's nice the way it is.

There's the usual decision making involved: a purple binding or a blue one.  I'm leaning toward the purple, mainly because there's been a lot of blue around lately.

There were lots of scraps from these blocks, and I had been throwing them all into the waste basket.

 As I was looking through my looseleaf binder of patterns I came across a paper foundation for a Pineapple block and realized that these little scraps, ordinarily too small too save, were just right for the little triangular spots on that block.

I upended the wastebasket on the dining room table and started sorting.  It proved worthwhile, as I now have two bags of scraps toward a pineapple block.  Some are already cut into triangles and others are an appropriate size also.  My general rule is a scrap must be 2" square to be saved.

A few friends here have let me know that they do have a problem posting a comment.  The permissions are set for anyone to post, even as anonymous, so I don't know how to fix this problem.  You can always email me at either of my two email addresses.  One is given on my blog information, and the other one my friends and family know.

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