Thursday, May 28, 2015


Sometimes when I run into trouble with a quilt I put it aside and let it moulder for a while.  That wasn't an option this time, so this morning I sat down with the stitch ripper and carefully removed every third stitch of the seam joining the rippled border to the pinwheel quilt top.  It took a while because the seam is 84 1/2" long.  Pick, pick, pick and finally it was finished.

I removed the loose threads--a lint roller is helpful for a quick job--resewed the ends of the cross seams that had given way when the border was simply ripped from the quilt, pressed everything nice and flat.  I laid the quilt top out on the floor, took the border piece, which is exactly the length of the quilt and pinned it VERY carefully, about every six inches.  This time when I sewed the border on I (smartly) used the even feed foot.

All that care (that should have gone into the process the first time) paid off.  The border is just how it should be:

Three other borders to go and then layering the "sandwich."  I hope to get to the machine quilting stage today.  We have an overcast, drizzly day, which probably means the garden center won't be too busy today and that will give me more time for sewing.  YAY!!

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