Monday, May 4, 2015


 This first quilt was actually finished about six weeks ago.  I brought it to Brenda McRae for long arm quilting, the first quilt ever.  She did a good job and I'm happy with it, but I do find that long arm quilting stiffens a quilt.  I think I'll go on doing my own machine quilting.
This second photo shows a close up of the machine quilting.  I like the pattern, especially that it's quite open.  I should try some of these patterns on my DSM.
Second finish: a raggy quilt that I cut out and started sewing just over three weeks ago.  Not too evident on the picture is the fact that every other block has an appliquéd heart on it.  Very quick to make, but all that chopping on the seams takes quite a while.  I wouldn't want to do it without the proper scissors!  They really do make the job easier!

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