Wednesday, May 13, 2015


There's been progress over the weekend on the Boxy Stars quilt top.  At first I had the blocks right up against each other, but that gave a puzzling appearance.  It was hard to distinguish the stars, the dark fabrics from the rest of the block.  Separated by a planned 2" sashing with cornerstones, that becomes a little easier.  Perhaps with the right sort of machine quilting they will stand out more.

In the meantime I started  machine quilting the Colour Block top (with the teal sashing in a lattice-like pattern.)  I'm doing a simple stitch-in-the-ditch on either side of the sashing.  This morning I was continuing that work when I noticed the stitching was pulling.  Have no idea what was causing that.  Perhaps the machine needs to be rethreaded.

The variegated blue for the backing was almost empty, so I took out the bobbin to refresh it, and can't find that blue thread ANYWHERE!  Where could it have disappeared to?  I have no idea.

I'm also looking for an apron pattern that I bought from a friend recently, since I now have the perfect combination of fabrics to make one.  Can't find that pattern anywhere either.  Have there been some gremlins in the sewing room lately?

The past two days I have seen this sight twice: on Monday a robin was in the garden picking up pieces of straw in his beak.  Yesterday this chickadee was perched on the balcony railing for a while.  What a mouthful!

I'm always impressed with birds.  Such hard workers!  Such devoted parents!

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