Friday, June 5, 2015


Today the Dear One and I are celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary.  On a beautiful Saturday in June of 1965 we said our vows and began our life together.  After a meaningful ceremony in the Seminary Chapel we had an afternoon reception of sandwiches, cake and tea in the lobby of the Library Building.  That evening my Mom and Dad hosted all the out of town guests at a backyard picnic supper.

Jim and I left for a honeymoon of just two and a half days at a cottage on a nearby lake that a friend offered to us.  Then we came home and got ready to go out for the summer to serve a tiny, rural church in northwest Minnesota.

I was a city girl, having grown up in Grand Rapids, a mid size city at that time.  I wondered how I would survive the summer in a town of 165 people in the midst of fields of grain.

Well, the answer was that I fell in love with the wonderful western summers, the wide open skies and the peaceful evenings.  It set my attitude for the years to come.  

The church had planted a vegetable garden for us just before we came.  I had no experience with gardens, but Jim knew how to grow things.  I learned how to can vegetables and we went home with about a hundred jars of home canned vegetables to help us through the winter.

It was a wonderful way to begin our life together!
From left to right, my Dad, my Mom, myself, Jim, his Mom, his Dad

How young we look!  All of our parents are younger on this photo than we ourselves are today.

How did those 50 years go by in such a rush?  How did we do that so fast?

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