Sunday, June 14, 2015


The Pinwheels quilt was finished this weekend.  Not my usual colours, but I really like it.  I "meander" quilted it on my Janome Horizon, free motion.  I enjoy doing that.  You can get into a real "groove" with the machine stitching away at a steady pace while you move the quilt in swoops and swirls.  But this was a little big to enjoy wholeheartedly.  There were sections that were hard to reach, and some of the seams were hard to stitch over.

Ordinarily I would quilt it while it was still in two halves and then sew the halves together.  But that takes forethought and this quilting was an afterthought.  I was too anxious to get the whole top sewed together.  So I paid for that with a much harder job of machine quilting.  Hope next time I plan ahead better.

That brings to 11 the number of quilts finished since the beginning of February, so I've reached the goal of finishing them before the end of June.  That means I can start on the quilts I want to finish before October for our bed in Arizona.  One top is basically complete, the other one has only four blocks of 49 finished.  A long way to go!

Because the Pinwheels quilt measures 65" x 90" there was a long strip of binding.  Keeping all that contained can be a hassle, but I had an idea that worked really well.

I rolled the binding up in a spiral, fixing the first round with a large paper clip.  I slipped the spiral under the back leg of the see-through sewing table on the Janome, and took the end around to the needle.  This picture was taken without the quilt, as that would have blocked the view of the binding.  As I sewed the binding on I was able to pull out each bit as needed.  The rest of the binding rotated around the leg, and everything was neat and controlled.  Worked like a charm!

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