Friday, June 12, 2015


Most of the time I like to machine quilt with a simple stitch in the ditch or a quarter inch outline of blocks or some feature on the quilt.  But I really enjoy meander quilting.  That's what I chose for this pinwheel quilt, but it's quite a big quilt to manage on a DSM.    About 1/2 hour or 45 minutes of maneuvering this around on the machine at one time is enough.  So I take a break and do something else.

Tuesday I ran out of bobbin thread, so I put this quilt on hold.  I cut and sewed the rest of the blocks needed for a Tradewinds quilt in fall colours.  That was a package of 24 already cut 2 1/2" strips in browns, oranges, yellows.  Those blocks go together very quickly and I think they'll be easy to sew together as the only point matching happens at the very corners of the blocks.

The Tradewinds quilt was scheduled to be the final one in the almost dozen I wanted to finish before summer.  Early this week I had a very nice surprise.  I had counted wrong, and had one more quilt finished than I realized!  So the Tradewinds is an "extra" and I don't necessarily have to finish it this month.

There are lots of other things needing attention: weeds in the garden, some painting and varnishing, preparing for our family celebration of our anniversary, scheduled for the middle of July.  An interesting summer!

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