Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Our area has been in drought conditions this June.  But, of late, we've had just a bit of moisture.  Just enough to build up storm clouds when the sun draws that moisture back up.

Late one day last week the sky grew ominously dark.  The clouds formed in the western sky and quickly came toward us.

It looked as if we'd get a real heavy shower.

Ahead of the rain comes the wind.  The trees tremble and bow down.  Dust flies.  Anything left lying around heads toward Saskatchewan.

Alas!  Threatening clouds and wind were about the extent of it.  A few fat drops of rain fell and the storm moved eastward.

The sun came out again and shone on the retreating clouds, creating a beautiful double rainbow.  This was a complete double rainbow reaching on either end to the horizon.

The setting sun painted the remaining clouds a lurid orange.

Such intense colours!

A bit later, peace returns to the
skies.  The night will be calm.

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