Friday, June 19, 2015


I thought, now that I'd reached my quilting goal for this spring season, that I would give more time to postponed household chores.  But it seems that I cannot resist the siren call of one more quilt.

A woman I know stopped by this week with some old knitting, quilting and macramé (Remember macramé?) patterns and magazines.  I passed a few of them on to S., who also quilts and knits, who shared them with her sister.  That afternoon I spent an enjoyable time looking through the quilting patterns and magazines.

In a copy of QUILTMAKER magazine for November/December '94 I saw a delightful pattern.  It's called "Picket Fence" and has just one pattern piece.  Made with darks and lights, just three per quarter block, it's supremely easy to cut and sew.

I cut that pattern out of the magazine before passing it along to S., went to my batik drawer and started cutting out 3" strips.  Couldn't leave the thing alone!

Here's the first 6 blocks up on my design wall, not sewed together yet.  Can you see the stars that come together from the lighter fabrics?

I can already imagine another version with the "stars" in blue and the other strips in reds and whites.  Or maybe stars in whites and the other strips in pastel florals?  That's the whole trouble with being a quilter.  You just get drawn in, time and again.

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