Sunday, September 27, 2015


In May of 2012 the Tuesday quilting group went on a "shop hop."  I vowed I WAS NOT going to buy any material!!!  The first place we went was Country Creations, the great little shop Lorraine Stangness had some kilometres south of Strathmore.  She had one of these "Cascades" quilts displayed.  I COULDN'T resist!  But there was no kit for a queen or king size.  I like our quilts to reach all the way to the floor.  So I bought two single bed sized kits.  That added up to the largest amount any one of us spent there!  Ahhh--but I was so happy with my purchase.  

First I had to "rechart" the quilt so that it would be large enough.  Then I started making blocks.  You know how it is with a new project--the most enticing thing in the world!  Then I got busy with other projects and progress on Cascades slowed WAY WAY Down.

I bought the kits because I was so attracted to the quilt, but I really had no "destination" in mind.  It obviously would not suit this bedroom.  Some time later Jim suggested it would be nice in our AZ condo.  I agree.

The bedroom in AZ needs painting and new flooring (which we're hoping to have installed this winter.)  This quilt will look wonderful there!  And I think I should paint the bedroom a nice, warm, golden beige to match the little squares "cascading" down the quilt on point.

I machine quilted this in the ditch on either side of the sashing.  This weekend I finished sewing on the border and the binding. 

What's left?  I intend to handquilt a large feather design in the 7" border.  Then probably feather circles in the plain blocks and also in the larger plain squares in various blocks.  That will be enough of a project for at least one winter, I'm thinking.

So this was #2 of the three projects I hoped to finish before we leave for the south.  #3 (the Picket Fence quilt) has been put away in a "To Do" projects drawer.  That will be a nice project to tackle later this winter.

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