Saturday, September 19, 2015


On Thursday afternoon I was at the library well on time, all set up with sewing machines, etc. with Kristen's help, ready for the 3:00 p.m. beginner quilting class.  Alas! Neither of the two women who had signed up actually came.  I settled down to read the latest "Threads" magazine.

Then G. who was in the library as an aide to an old gentlemen asked, Would you be willing to teach me, even if I'm the only one there?  Well, OF COURSE!  Glad to.  So she escorted the gentleman home and then G. and I formed the afternoon class and she made her first quilt block.  There was an unfortunate mistake in cutting the double block apart--she accidentally cut on the 1 1/4" line rather than the 1 1/2" line of the ruler.  That meant the block's points didn't meet.  But G. was undeterred, as she felt she had learned the basic method, and went home happy with her completed block.

The evening class had full participation, which amounted to four students, just right for the space we had.

I started with explaining grain lines on fabric and how to find the straight cross grain line.  Then we examined how to cut with a quilting ruler and a rotary cutter and all had a chance to practice.  They all cut very carefully, which was really encouraging!

Sewing a quarter inch seam was next up, and we used several different methods: a quarter inch foot, the edge of the regular presser foot (on a very old, but good Singer portable), and using a strip of cardboard taped down 1/4" from the needle.

After that we followed the instructions published in this blog on August 21.  The library had reprinted a copy for each student.  Here I am showing how to press the finished block so that all the seams are pressed to the dark fabric.
In the background on the right you can see the Disappearing Four Patch block quilt that I made to inspire them.  Now I'm not sure that whether it was inspiring or dispiriting: they admired the quilt and then counted the blocks.  When it takes an hour to make your first block, it's pretty intimidating to think you need to make 30(!) for a moderate sized lap quilt!

They did extremely well and before long one of the students had a beautiful finished block:

Everyone stayed until they had their block completed and pressed.  Each had chosen different fabrics, and each went home with a lovely completed block.  If they want to take this "adventure" further, they will be welcomed by Shirley at Shirl's Girls quilting group which meets at Bethel Fellowship Church every Thursday during the fall, winter and spring.

Thanks to Kristen, Program Director for the library, for organizing this event and also for taking these pictures! 


  1. Good for you for being a teacher! I was supposed to be a teacher, before I realized I'd rather TELL kids instead of teaching them!

    LOVE that pretty D4Patch!

  2. Thanks for your comment! It led me to your blog, which I've bookmarked. Love all the home made, home processed goodies! We're with you 100% on that!

  3. Oops! It led me to Leslie's blog, which is lovely. Couldn't find contact info for you, but thanks for the comment!