Tuesday, September 15, 2015


This morning was one of those early, early ones--for me that is, not for the sun.  But I used the extra hours well, finishing the hand stitching of the binding on the Disappearing Four Patch.  I made this quilt from my stash, except for the white background fabric (which I had bought a few months ago because it's lovely and was priced at $7.49 a meter), the backing (I didn't want to spend time piecing a flannel backing), and the batting--a piece cut from my big roll of Hobbs Batting that I bought this spring at a special price.

So here's the finished quilt, measuring 46" x 54"--lap sized.  I made it for a sample to inspire the beginner quilting classes I'll be teaching at the library this Thursday.  There are (of course) things I'd like to change about it, things that happened because of using just stash fabrics, but on the whole I like it!

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