Saturday, September 12, 2015


Yesterday I glanced out the window and saw something on the peak of the #1 greenhouse.  I grabbed the binoculars and saw this:

At first I thought it might be a cat, but the binoculars revealed: AN OWL, a Great Horned Owl.  How wonderful!

I took that picture with the telephoto lens all the way deployed.  This next photo is just a blowup of the first one:

An owl is a very welcome visitor as they are good predators of mice.  If you live rural, you do battle mice!  We're glad Alberta is rat-free, so we don't have that problem.  But especially at this time of year when the temperatures start to fall, mice try to get into the house and are looking for a cosy place to spend the winter.  An owl is a real boon in terms of keeping down the mouse population!

WELCOME, OWL!  Make yourself at home here.

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