Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Sunday Jim was scheduled to preach in High River.  That's a little more than two hour drive for us, but because their services start at 11 a.m. we have plenty of time in the morning.

I was just about to start making breakfast when I heard a big crash from the bathroom.  Jim had passed out and was lying crumpled up in the corner. It was the beginning of several losses of consciousness, interspersed with attempts to rise and shave himself.  I called 911 and the paramedics came.  They were wonderful!  And was I happy to have them here!  They got him on a stretcher and took him to the hospital.  We are fortunate to have a very good, small hospital with an Emergency Room right here in town, just five minutes away.

His blood pressure was extremely low, just 66 over something in the 30's.  We spent the morning there, while they did some tests and discovered he has pneumonia.  He'd had a deep, phlegmy cough for over a week, but we never thought of pneumonia.  I was GLAD to hear that diagnosis, as we were worried that it was a heart issue.

By Sunday afternoon he was taken to a nice, private room, hooked up to saline IV, IV antibiotics, along with blood pressure readings, oxygen saturation, and heart monitor.  Yesterday, on Tuesday, they released him at 10:30 in the morning for him to keep his pacemaker clinic appointment in Red Deer.  I drove him there and back.  He had a very good report on his progress there.

When we returned to TH he went back to the hospital and the Dr. kept him there overnight.  I figured he would, because I could feel that he was still running a fever.

Last night we had the first (organizational) meeting of the local quilt club.  I'm secretary this year, so I had lots to prepare: membership list, sign up sheets for new members and for the snack list, etc.  It was a good meeting, and I'm really looking forward to our regular meetings twice a month on Tuesdays, from 1 p.m. to around 8 p.m. when we get together and work on projects, either our own or ones that a member demonstrates.  It's always a time of good camaraderie.

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