Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The first of September and the leaves have begun to fall.  The wind has swirled them around to a quiet corner where the garage and house meet.  This is just the beginning.
Yesterday our neighbour across the road was able to harvest the field of barley growing there.  A tractor followed the combine around the field and picked up the (still semi-green) barley straw and baled it.  I love the look of the bales scattered across the field.

Ordinarily the straw would be left behind, to become part of the field again, but a customer was looking for some barley straw bales.

In July DD#2 gave me this plant.  It was not in bloom so we didn't know what colour it would be.  I put it in a northeast window where it was very happy and showed it by putting up all these lovely, fringed purple blooms.  Such a cheering sight!

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