Tuesday, October 6, 2015


We had a good trip down here to AZ, not too much hustling.  We stopped in Ogden, Utah at a tourist info and were given a suggestion of how to go around Salt Lake City.  It was a nice drive, but a little too long to be a doable alternative.  However, this time we chose to stay in Ogden, checking into a Super 8 around 3 p.m. rather than tackle SLC on a Friday between 4 and 6 p.m., combined with "Conference" and a very popular football game that would have tripled the traffic.  Therefore we were on the road an extra day, arriving here on Sunday noon.

Thursday we are scheduled to have internet/t.v./phone hooked up, and that will be a relief.  For now we can go to the Community Center to use the internet there.

Today I finished unpacking our luggage (what we "lugged" along) and what we left here in the storage shed.  We also bought a new fridge at Sears to replace the original which runs pretty much non-stop.  Should be a big improvement and save on the electric bill, although I must say, Arizona Power is extremely reasonable.

The new quilt suits the bedroom here extremely well.  I think the furniture gives enough of an echo of the golden squares in the quilt, and the wall should stay a creamy white.  The quilt even matches the old carpet quite well--something unforeseen.  I actually bought the kits to make the quilt before we bought the condo.

So here we are settled in for the first part of the winter.  I had my first swim late Sunday afternoon, and had the pool all to myself.  So relaxing!

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