Friday, October 23, 2015


Things don't always turn out well.  These socks started out so nicely.  The one in the lower left was the first of the pair.  I like it a lot, but wished the leg could have been longer.  The yarn is Paton's Kroy Sock Yarn, the colour is "Cameo Colours."  You need one 50 gram ball for each sock.  I thought when I bought the yarn that there were two balls of the same dye lot.  But they are quite different.  The second sock has much less blue in it, and even the pink is less intense.

One would hope that the manufacturer would start every ball of yarn in one colour run at the same place in the colour run.  Evidently not!  This is quite disappointing.  I was planning to give them to our DDIL, who has not yet had a pair of socks from me, but these are just not good enough.  I guess, by default, they will be mine, to wear with jeans or slacks.

These socks in the first photo are knit in a "lace" pattern, but that's not very evident.  It is a nice pattern with eight cables around the leg, and four cables on the instep.

This next pair has such an interesting yarn, again Paton's Kroy Sock yarn, this time in "Clover Colours."  Because the yarn has so much going on I decided to knit a very plain sock, with a 2 x 2 ribbing on the leg.  I wonder how the colour match between these two socks will be.

We expect #2 son to arrive around supper time, so I've planned a nice meal: salmon, "dressed up" rice, steamed broccoli.  And, of course, ice cream for dessert--Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean, quite yummy.  Last year when we were in AZ I found an even better vanilla bean ice cream, Blue (something, I forget), but that company had problems with Listeria and had contaminated ice cream.  It's no longer available.

I joined the choir at the Lord of Life Lutheran Church we are attending.  Love it!  That and the orchestra are just big treats for me while we are here.

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