Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Dear Son #2 arrived on Friday evening on time for supper.  He had been attending a conference in Las Vegas which ended that day.  When he went to pick up his rental car to drive here, the only vehicle left was pretty shocking.  Although he had asked for a simple small car, he had a choice between an old 12 passenger van and this smart number:

He's tall--six feet six inches.  The car is pretty low-slung.  He said he felt as if he were driving lying down.

One of the car's fancy features was the projection onto the pavement beside the door of the mustang logo, a bright white light figure shining from the underside of the side view mirrors.

We're not much of a family for fancy vehicles.  DS#2 never owned a car until after he was married.  His wife came with a car, which, sadly he crashed on their honeymoon, driving down I 5 in Oregon, hydroplaning into a bridge abutment during a rainstorm.  Their honeymoon was somewhat of a disaster, beginning with a night on an island near Vancouver.  Supposed to be really romantic, but the accommodations were somewhat short of what had been advertised.  Then the car crash and an enforced stay in a motel in Salem while the car was repaired.  A memorable time, I guess.  But now, 20 years later, they are still together and have two smart, beautiful and talented teenage daughters.

Dear Son #1 who visited the week before has had only one four wheeled vehicle: a now-stationary Volkswagon camping van.  He had also rented a vehicle to drive here, and his was a nifty little black car (I forget the make), easy to handle, with excellent gas mileage.  Our own car is a second hand Toyota Camry, from 2000.

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