Thursday, October 15, 2015


Monday morning I finished spray painting the two white wicker chairs, changing them to a warm brown.  That afternoon I sewed the cushions for them.  Wednesday I bought a lovely plant from Sprouts to complement them.

The cushions look a little funny--they're so tall, but when you sit on them, they squish right down.  I made them quite tall because the chairs are very low for comfortable seating.

I had intended to put piping at the top and bottom seams, but when I made the first cut of the fabric I wrecked that possibility.  I cut the sides to fit the foam, and forgot to include the extra fabric to cover the piping.  Then there was not enough fabric left to cut the piping separately.  Oh well, this version is o.k. too.

Dear Son #1 is visiting this week from California.  It's a real pleasure to have him here.  It will be hard to say goodbye again on Saturday.

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