Monday, October 19, 2015


Dear Son #1 was here from Monday suppertime until Saturday morning.  We had a wonderful visit with him and it was such a delight to have him around for a week.

This coming Friday we expect DS#2 around suppertime.  What a treat!

We've had a few storms lately.  This one came through last Friday afternoon.  That's not rain--it's dust.  You could see a dust coloured cloud, quite towering, heading our way.  It roared through with lots of force, blowing blossoms off bushes and small limbs off trees.

The landscape/cleaning crew had already gone home before it came through, so there was lots of debris around for the weekend.  We went to the pool on Saturday and Sunday anyway, and the water was the dirtiest I've ever seen it.  There were husks from palm trees floating on the water, and lines of dirt on the bottom of the pool.  The few people using the pool simply removed the largest pieces of vegetation.

Today when we went it had all been cleaned up.  The areas in front of our condo had all been "blown" clean by the crew and the tree debris picked up.  All is clean and neat again.

I have great respect for the labourers here.  They come to work early and work hard with the result that the village always looks lovely.  Donald Trump would like to send a lot of them south, but what would AZ look like without them?  Who would pick all the fruits and vegetables that we enjoy from the markets at such low prices?  We should rather encourage them to stay and become citizens, include them in health care and educate their children--tomorrow's workers and caregivers.

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