Sunday, August 16, 2015


Last week Saturday was beautiful weather.  Yesterday was dark and cold and followed a lot of rain.  What a contrast!  We're glad for the rain, and we can surely put up with some dark, cold weather as the usual here is bright and sunny.  Today has been sunny, but now the clouds are building again.

We had our plumbers here to do maintenance on our furnace this past Wednesday.  It's a very small wall unit, very efficient, for a hot water heating system.  It was new just a few years ago.

On Friday I went into the basement for something and thought I smelled gas.  Yesterday and throughout last night we left the doors to the doors to the basement open to help dry up what had come in because of the very big rainstorm the night before.  This morning I smelled gas, fairly strong, throughout the house, so we called the plumber a little after eight o'clock.

He came right away and did find a slow leak where the gas line is connected to the furnace.  He fixed it, and reassured me that anytime I smell gas, even if it's in the middle of the night, I should call right away!  I had apologized for calling him on Sunday morning when I know he works very hard with long hours every week.  In fact, when he came here he had already been working for four hours.  That's about as demanding as when a doctor is on call!  Chris is a really nice guy, and we're happy to have a good plumber--especially in a situation like that!

I'll catch up a little here with pictures from the Saturday morning that we were celebrating with our kids, grandkids and Jim's sister (back in July!).  I had sent everyone a sort of agenda for the weekend, and Saturday morning, 10 a.m. was listed as a "Treasure Hunt."  I had spread all the quilts I've been making since February out on beds in the garage and gave everyone a piece of paper to write down their first, second and third choices.  Only two didn't get their first choice, but those two were very happy with what they did get.

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