Friday, August 28, 2015


This past week I was sidetracked into a diversion, within a digression, within a detour, within a UFO.  The "tutorial" on the Disappearing Four Patch" block was made with a package of 5" square cuts of batiks, one pack of blues/purples and one pack of pale beiges.  These were new at the Fabric Nook, and I found them irresistible.

I had recently loaned them quilt #12, the Tradewinds, made this summer, and Brenda told me that the rest of the 2 1/2" strips in that colour sold right away.  It really helps to have a sample showing off the fabrics!  So I got the idea of making a table runner from these new 5" squares.  It went together quickly and looks great.  I brought it in yesterday for them to hang.  Hope it helps to sell those pkgs. of 5" squares.  It can also function as an advertisement for the class I will teach in the library in September.

It was fun to make and looks lovely.

So now I can go back from this "diversion" to the "digression" that preceded it.  Another Disappearing Four Patch, but this time a lap quilt, that I'm making as a sample to inspire, also preparatory to the class in September.  I've got 18 of 30 blocks made so far, and the squares for the other 12 are cut and ready to be sewed.  This time they are floral pastels teamed with some of that lovely white on white with little flowers that I bought a whack of when it was marked down to $7.39 a meter.

Usually instructions for a Disappearing Four Patch say to cut the block 1" from the center seams.  I like to cut it 1 1/2" from the center.  Aside from the pieces being slightly bigger and thus easier to handle, I just think it makes the block look a little more balanced.

After this is finished, I'll go back and get the borders on the Picket Fence quilt and finish the machine quilting and binding, and THEN I can go back and put the borders on the "Cascades" quilt, the really, really big one.  

It's all a matter of what will be needed when.  The "Cascades" quilt needs to be finished by the end of September, the other two, the Picket Fence and the Disappearing Four Patch, are needed the middle of September.  

I'd better not start any more projects!  As tempting as that always is!

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