Thursday, August 6, 2015


Mistakes are easy to make!  But sometimes the stupidity of what I've done overwhelms me.  Today I'm putting together the backing, batting and top of a quilt that I started a few years ago, the "Cascades" quilt.

Last year I bought a beautiful piece of 110" wide batik backing for that quilt.  I laid it out on the floor downstairs this morning.

It's 110" x 134".  The quilt needs to finish at 105" x 105" to be floor to floor on our bed in Arizona.

It's a really beautiful piece of fabric.

I spread out my roll of Hobbs backing, which measures 101" in width.  I figured I need to add a small strip to the width to make the batting wide enough for the quilt.  In the picture the batting is still folded in half.

I cut the batting at 110", giving myself an extra 5" around the quilt top.  Then I trimmed off the extra length of backing, unfolded the full width of the batting, and then I MADE THE MISTAKE!  I also trimmed off the "extra width" of the backing.  EEEEKKK!!!!

I didn't even realize what I had done until I laid out the quilt top, which at this stage is still lacking the borders.  I had figured that with the extra length and width the quilt could be made slightly bigger, maybe 107" or 108" wide and long.

Something was strange when I laid the quilt top on top of the batting/backing.  I didn't have room left for the full borders, even at 105".

It took me a few minutes to realize what was wrong.  I should NOT have trimmed off the  "extra width" of the backing!

What to do?  Well, I guess I have to sew back on the "extra width" of the backing that I ripped off a few minutes ago.  OUCH!

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