Wednesday, August 12, 2015


This morning I found time to spray baste the top to the batting/backing of the Cascades quilt.  Quilters are either Pinners, Baste-ers, or Sprayers, and I'm a confirmed sprayer.  A can of 505 holds the layers together so well, that it's worth the cost, especially when handling such a large quilt.  This will be 105" x 105" when finished.

You can see that it needs the borders sewed on yet.  That's a small strategy to reduce the amount of fabric on the machine at once.  I very often quilt a large quilt in sections, but because this one is put together on point that wasn't a very good choice.  It would give problems with cutting out and using the backing material.  

That's a whole lot of quilt to put through the machine, but you can see in this photo how "slim" the rolled up side is.  There's no problem fitting it through the throat of the Horizon.  The machine is set here to sew one of the two closest-to-the-middle seams.  I'm ditch-stitching on either side of the sashing.  The top thread is a dark invisible thread and the bobbin thread is a dull brown that almost disappears on the printed backing.

I spent two hours stitching today, and just made a start on how much is to be done.  There's a certain amount of pressure to this, as I would like the quilt to be completely finished by the time we leave for Arizona.

Yesterday S. picked cherries.  Together we pitted them and then I froze them on cookie sheets.  When finished there were almost three gallons of Evans cherries ready to be used in pie, or, as we prefer, in little tarts.  

We've been eating a whole lot of fresh peas the past few weeks (two separate plantings) and now we're started on green beans.  Frozen green beans don't appeal to me very much, but fresh green beans, picked between 12 and 1 and served at 2 for dinner--well that's a treat!  

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