Friday, January 31, 2014

Stag Party

Around 11 a.m. Jim called me to have a look at these magnificent stags, browsing on the Nanking Cherry bushes at the back of the garden beds.  That's o.k.  They won't harm these bushes too badly.

When I looked closer I saw there were actually four stags there.

Something must have disturbed them, or perhaps they had enough of a snack for now.  They have turned away and are leaving, for now.  But they will be back!

Afternoon tea time is the ladies' turn.  I have to admit that they are appealing.  However, deer do a great deal of damage to our landscape over winter.  We've lost several fruit trees and Scots Pine to their habit of stripping bark in the winter.

When I opened the back door and barked at them, I was surprised to find there were six deer back there, both does and stags, busy denuding the landscape.

I find barking like a dog is the only way to get them to move away from the garden.  Doesn't help for long, though.  They just move to the shelter belt and are back in a few minutes, chomping away.

Anyone for some fresh venison?

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