Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Assignment Completed

Last June my friend Susan asked if I would sew some small bags for her as samples.  I was glad to agree.  She's done a lot for me and I was very happy to do this for her.  Besides, a new project is always interesting.

This morning I finally finished!
Here's the group of bags.  Looks like I kind of stuck with one colour scheme.  But actually, it was just whatever seemed to fit the design and had enough fabric available.  As you can see from the 1" grid in the background, they are not large.

I had figured I could finish a bag in one or two days.

 Here's the first bag I made.  It's a simple thing with a spring clip holding the top closed.  I did change this pattern a little bit in this way: instead of folding the tops over and making a channel, I sewed the bag and lining together at the top, turn them right side out and then sewed the casing for the spring clip.  It made the bag just a bit longer which seemed like a very good idea.  This one is called a "Little Pouch."

This is the second bag I made, the one that really threw me off for quite a while.It's called a coin purse and doesn't look at all like the pattern.  The pattern shows a puffy, squat little bag.  I think the fault lies with the pattern which had a round shape with two darts in it, and some pleats to make at the center top.
I couldn't get it to puff out, and I tried three different times.  I finally got sick of remaking the bag and put the whole project away until we got back from Arizona in the middle of December.  I took it out again and just simply sewed it to the handle the way it was.  I think I'd have to draft a totally different bag for it to come out as pictured on the pattern.  I was so relieved to get this bag out of the way, even though it's not really acceptable, as it doesn't look like the pattern.

  This third bag was quite fun.  It went together quite simply.  I did have to shirr it somewhat onto the handles, but that was too hard.  This one was quilted before attaching the handles. It's called a "Petit Chic Purse."

 The fourth bag was the most fun.  I had some fairly heavy material, so I didn't bother quilting the bag as suggested, but added a little gold tassle front and back, which I thought was just the ticket.  This one was called a Cosmetic Pouch/Wallet.  It went together very quickly and easily and I like the way it puffs out.

Here's the bag that was finished this morning.  It was also fun to make, but a little more complicated that the Cosmetic Pouch/Wallet.  This is the "Casual Chic Purse."  The front of the bag had four sections: from left to right: background, 1st print, 2nd print, background.  The prints have tucks in them and a bit of gold thread machine applied in a loopy design.  This bag also went together quite easily.

Now this final bag was not included in the project, but is my own idea of a gift for Susan.  It's a technique I learned at quilt club several years ago.  It begins with a large square (36", except I made it 42") which is layered with batting and backing, quilted and then the edges are bound.  Then it is folded in half on the diagonal and the two sides are drawn back over the center, and sewn down.  The result is a large sturdy bag with a center section and a large pocket front and back.  I added a zipper at the top of the center section and a large snap with a decorative button on the outside pockets.  There are two fair long handles, so that when carried over the shoulder the bag hangs about at waist to hip level, making it easy to grasp.

I have one bag like this made on the 36" square and use it all the time to transport my laptop.  Who ever thinks there's a laptop inside a quilting bag?

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