Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Side Finished

I'm making surprisingly good progress on our summer quilt.  This shows all the blocks for one side panel, the part that will hang down from the mattress.  They all need to be sewn together now in their rows.

The pinwheels are getting better.  Fewer of them need to be picked apart and resewn.  I like the bright colours.  These are all scraps of fabric from my stash.  Only the white background and the brown borders (not shown) are purchased separately for this quilt.  I've already bought some fairly thin cotton batting, 6 metres, and you can see that just underneath my cutting table in the center.

I plan to quilt this top in pieces.  The center will be one part, the sides will be parts two and three and the part that hangs off the foot of the bed will be part four.  This is necessary because the finished quilt is planned to be 115" x 115" which is far too much to fit on the bed of my Janome Horizon, even though it has an 11" throat.  Parts three and four still need to be constructed.

 Here's the flower stalk of the "corn" plant all opened.  They are tiny flowers, but make a powerful scent.  I find it too much, so I cut off the flower stalk and threw it outside.  It's a plant that needs a "night pollinator" so it's fine during the day, but in the evening when we're sitting reading in the living room it sends out its signal.

I do very much wonder what fruit or seeds would appear if it were pollinated.  The other times it bloomed the flowers just wilted and dropped off and the plant was left with a withered, brown stalk that I removed.

Very soon the other "corn" plant's stalk will begin to open and send for its scent into the living room.

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