Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Greetings

Greetings and best wishes on this first day of the new year: 2014.  Have to get used to writing that four!  How many of us are determined to lose some weight?  Well, count me in, and I actually started my "wine and cheese" diet on Monday.  It's simple: a good breakfast, a good dinner at 1 or 2 p.m.  Then don't eat anything until 9 p.m. when you may have one small glass of red wine, three Breton crackers with cheese, just enough so you aren't really hungry when you go to bed.  Wish me well!  I need to shed some of those insidious pounds that keep sneaking onto my middle.

My first project this year: finishing a quilt that I started some years ago, perhaps as many as five.  I saw this bright, cheerful pattern on Elaine Adair's blog and decided to make a scrap quilt like it.  At that time I finished enough squares to just cover the top of a queen-sized mattress.  Had a hard time with the pinwheels, so it was put into the closet to await further progress.

This week I took it out and decided to make a summer quilt for our bed.  The one we're currently using dates back to 1998 and there are parts so frayed that every now and then my fingers go right through the top fabric.

I like to make the quilts for our bed very large.  That way there's no fighting for covers during the night.  The Dear One has a habit of rolling himself in the quilt every time he turns over.

I find the pinwheels fiendishly hard to make.  You can see in this square that the points are not meeting properly.  I like to think I'm a good quilter who cuts and sews very accurately, but these squares come close to defeating me.

I tried to work out something for the sides and bottom that would harmonize with the already-made center, but, really, nothing but more pinwheels and patches will do.

The horrendous prospect is that there need to be 90, yes, ninety, more of these miserable buggers!  ('Scuse the language, please.)  But I am persevering if nothing else, and eventually the last square will be made and the quilt will be finished.

Wish me well in this also, please!

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