Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Country Cottage

Each year our local quilt club members make a "club quilt" for a fund raiser.  Each person who participates pays $25 and makes at least one block of the chosen pattern.  This year's pattern is "Country Cottages."  At the end of the season a draw is made and one lucky quilter goes home with the quilt top, ready to finish.

We were given a square of muslim for a foundation and a piece of sky for background.  The rest of the fabrics come from our stashes.

I just finished my square a few minutes ago.  Here it is:

I wanted to make a little sign called "Grammilou's Garden" but couldn't find a good place to tack it on.  Each block needs to be signed, therefore the writing on the wall of the "cottage."

I don't really care for this pattern.  If I win the quilt, I will raffle it off and donate the money to the club.

A little update on the Dear One: he is still at the hospital.  I'm anticipating a call some time today letting me know that I can pick him up and bring him home.  Today is the first day that I didn't do major spring cleaning to occupy myself.  The quilt square took precedence, plus, I'm getting a little tired of cleaning.  Love the result, but don't relish the process.

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