Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Jim had fun planting flowers in some pots on the back patio yesterday.  This morning, not so nice:

In spite of trying to protect a rather large fuschia on top of the pot and some blooming pansies in the side bumps, the deer did eat them last night.  This pot is about 5 feet from our back door.  SHAMELESS!!!

I hardly dared to plant out the "greenhouse" corn that I raised in pots in the greenhouse to this point.  I took this picture to show how nice it is today, just planted out.  We'll see if they leave it alone.  Last year when it was small and tender, they did dine on it.  Once it grew and became more coarse they left it alone, and we did harvest some corn.

I try to scare them away when I see them grazing in the landscape or garden beds.  They've even invaded the greenhouses and grazed on the pots and four- and six-packs waiting to be sold.  The perennials are out on shelves outside and they regularly graze on them.  There are said to be lots of ways to deter deer, but the one that does work is having a dog.  Unfortunately, we can't do that, because we do leave for a vacation in the off season.  Some poor dog would perish from loneliness.  I can't do that do an animal.  But I have a hard heart toward deer.  I won't even say what I would do to them if I could!


  1. Hi Mom, the deer grazed our tulips in the front yard in Fort St. John and we live in town! Hard to believe but the plants were cut right down as if with a scissors. Sara

  2. Deer REALLY love tulips--must be like candy to them. The first summer we were here we planted 1800 tulip bulbs. The next spring we had, at a stretch, maybe 900 tulips. The others were all eaten. I wouldn't mind sharing with one or two deer, but a herd is TOO MUCH!!!