Thursday, May 11, 2017


In regard to the post, A LAMENT, Roadrunner said, "I read about your troubling incident on the blog.  I feel very badly for you.  Big box stores and corporations are definitely taking over."


A further note:  Jim went and looked at the plants at IGA, came home and said, They're not any competition for us.  They have huge baskets for $50.!  We don't think anyone here will go for that.

S. came to work this morning and said, They still haven't been watered!

We don't see how they will be able to water them as they are all still densely packed in the original shipping containers.  Is it nasty of us to hope this is a great debacle for them?

One other thought I've had is that these large chain stores ONLY take from a small municipality, they do not give back.  They are here to make a profit.  The previous owners, who were local, did buy from local sources, ex. Mennonite sausage, locally made--locally grown asparagus, potatoes, etc.  Sobey's really hassled him for doing that.  A big chain has certain suppliers, and that's where you must order from.  Makes you realize that you are here for their good, not the other way around.

I don't feel this way just for ourselves and our little garden centre.  I think this is a very broad movement in North America.  I saw on t.v. the other day that there are only four major airlines serving the U.S.  In Europe there is lots of competition among something like 26 airlines.  Fares are lower and service is better.  Competition is good for markets.  

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