Monday, May 29, 2017


I was relaxing in the living room this morning, enjoying my first cup of coffee.  I could hear a train approaching--a railway line borders our property.  This train was heading south, and that means they blare their warning while right at the eastern edge of our property.  Suddenly there was a blur of brown visible through the south window.  It couldn't be a deer--they never run that fast here, being perfectly used to hearing trains go by, and not at all frightened of people.  In fact, it's hard to get them to leave.

So I looked out the west window to see what it was.  A big surprise!  It was a young moose!  When we first lived here Jim did see a moose on our acreage once, but we've never seen any since.

It was really kind of neat to see that young moose hurrying down the driveway to get away from whatever awful beast had made that loud noise.  Fortunately for the moose there was no traffic on the road, and he jogged across into the neighbour's fields.

Too bad there's no picture, but I should keep the camera handy, in case there's another sighting of this new neighbour.

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