Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Two new Spring sounds heard today for the first time this year: frogs singing in the dugout and the farmer across the road driving his mammoth seeder across the field.

I love the sounds of frogs in the spring; it's a sure sign that the water in the dugout has warmed sufficiently that they are into the serious business of reproduction.  There is great competition there.  If you plunk a rock into the water the chorus halts abruptly.  But after a few seconds some anxious hopeful can't resist and lets out the first chirpy croak and off they go again.

This is a very late start to seeding.  It's been a frustrating spring for all of us, waking up about once a week to a newly white world again...and again...and again.  But it's worst for the farmers who have about a three week window to get that seed into the ground.  They've been waiting and waiting for the ground to dry out sufficiently to support the enormous equipment they use.  Our neighbour is running two seeders this spring, hoping that will do the trick to enable him to get all his seeding done in short order.  I'll see if I can get a picture of one of those monsters.

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