Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Monday dawned cold, windy and rainy.  Good day for some indoor work.  After breakfast dishes were cleaned up I had some time to waste (spend) before going to town for the mail and some groceries.  I had finished the machine quilting on the Big Purple Thing, so it was a good time to straighten out the sewing room.

The scrap basket--where odds and ends go to be cut up into useable sized strips and squares--was more than overflowing.  So I started cutting and trimming.  I got so into it that the whole mess was sorted, trimmed and put into the proper containers!  Wow! that felt good.

It felt so good that I started sorting out more odds and ends around the cutting table.  And finally had the whole "design" board cleared off, all the threads removed with a lint roller, the melmac table top removed, the see through drawers moved out of the way, all ready for some vacuuming and washing.

Sometimes the way to get things cleaned up, sorted out, and made neat is to make a big mess!  Yesterday it was all neatly back where it belongs except for some odds and ends that got tossed.  It feels so good!  I love neat, clean and organized!

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