Sunday, June 5, 2016


When we first operated our garden centre we invested in a hobby greenhouse, 8' x 10', as a sample of what we were able to sell.  Our carpenter laid a foundation of 4x4's and I put together the greenhouse from a kit.  It turned out that they weren't big sellers.  Did we sell just one, or was it two?

The hobby greenhouse stayed where it was for something like 15 years.  At first we put bedding out plants for sale in it, but it was a bit removed from the rest of the sale plants. It gradually became just a neglected place where last year's leaves and weeds accumulated.  So we decided to sell it.

Yesterday was the day.  A crew of fellows came to remove it.  First they had to either "unscrew" or break off the screws that held it to the foundation of 4x4's.  That actually took a while.  Some of the screws refused to remove and had to be broken off.

Then the fellows picked it up and carried it.  Almost "squeezed" it through the narrow opening to the parking lot.

A flat-bed truck was waiting for it.  They manhandled it onto the bed of the truck.

After a strap was passed over the roof, securing it to the truck, they were ready to deliver it.  Drive slowly!  Good thing it's going just one mile down the road to its new home!

Bye-bye little greenhouse!  Almost felt like adopting out our cat.  Last evening the Dear One said, I feel a little sad.  It's like a beginning of an end, taking apart all that we have built up here in the last 17 years.

This morning we celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary with a BEAUTIFUL fruit salad. 

The Dear One had completely forgotten that this anniversary was coming today--too many other things on his mind lately!  He couldn't figure out why there was an envelope with "For My Sweetie" on it.  He was abashed, of course, but I thought it was quite humorous, catching him out like that.

We made plans to go out for dinner to celebrate and thought better of it.  This is Cruise Weekend here, an event that draws hundreds of people to our little town, to exhibit and inspect historic, just plain old, and all "spiffed up" vehicles of all sorts.  I walked Main Street and Railway Ave yesterday to have a look.  Some of the vehicles take me down "Nostalgia Lane."  My favourites: the old Model T and Model A Fords, the mid-fifties Ford Fairlanes and Victorias (especially the red and white ones!), a '39 green Chevie just like one I remember from my childhood.  Remember the rope hanging from the back of the front seat--something to hang onto? There was a two-tone grey Nash from the 55's just like Uncle Enno had.

Uncle Enno was NOT a good driver.  He would get too interested in a conversation and almost forget that he was driving.  EEEEKS!  It was exciting, but in a bad way, to be a passenger in that Nash.

Oh, and there was a '56 two-door Chevie (not the right colour) just like the one we bought in '58 in Cuyahoga, Ohio when our Dodge died of a clogged oil line on the Ohio turnpike, on our way to a visit with the New Jersey relatives.  That Chevie was a great car to drive.

I don't know much about cars, but I always enjoy this trip into the past on Cruise Weekend.  The weather was perfect this year: sunny and warm, verging on hot, but with enough breeze to be refreshing.  A lot of people are going home with a sunburn from this first beautiful summer weekend.

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