Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Besides the usual--cooking, baking, cleaning, doing dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, washing windows, weeding the garden, balancing the cash for the garden centre, etc.--I've been knitting!  In July I will teach some beginning knitting classes at our local drugstore/fabric & yarn shop.  We will start with dishcloths, the washing kind, not the drying kind.  So I am kitting up several samples to inspire the students.  Here's what are ready now:

This one was on the needles when I took these pictures, but has been finished since then.  

I'd like to make another "Leaf" pattern cloth, as the green "Leaves" was fairly complicated.  There will be three classes so we'll begin with a pattern that uses only knit and purl stitches, and in later classes learn how to increase, decrease and cable.

We have a flourishing rose bush in a pot on our back patio.  I protect it carefully every night to placing chairs around it and covering it up with a sheet.  But it seems that a deer got at it during the day.  Here's the damaged side.  See all the nipped-off stems?

Here's the other side of the rose bush, showing how those stems should look!

That was pretty discouraging.  However, the rose bush will recuperate and put out more stems and more buds.  I'll show a photo of it when they are all in bloom.  That should be gorgeous.  It's a new rose called "Caribe".

It's mainly the three yearlings who come "snacking" lately.  Someone who knows deer told me that the older deer are probably chasing these young ones away from they are feeding.

But on a happier note: the aluminum pie plates seem to help with keeping the deer out of the vegetable beds.  The corn plants that were grazed are coming back and putting out new leaves.  I'd like to hope we'll harvest our vegetables, but hardly dare to.  It's too disappointing when we lose the battle!

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