Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Saturday was one of those days when lots of cleaning gets done.  Sometimes it surprises me.  I had bought new window washing equipment last week and did a quick clean up of the windows on the balcony.  But that created more work.  

The balcony had not been cleaned this year.  It's covered with a vinyl decking material in a very pale beige.  The winter snows, the spring winds, the visiting birds had all left their dirt behind, and the "run-off" from the window washing showed just how dirty it was.  So I hooked up the hose, got some soapy water with ammonia in it and started scrubbing.  That's a handy scrub brush on a handle--good for scrubbing without getting down on hands and knees.  


The soapy water was not doing the job, so I got out the "Big Guns"--Fantastik with Bleach.  You can see the difference now.  This stuff really works!

You can tell from the picture that it was a cloudy day, and that was perfect because a hot, sunny day would have dried the scrubbed up areas too fast, trapping the dirt again.  

Two years ago I painted on a refresh coat.  In fact, the "paint" is a coating called "Refresh."  Next year that will need to be done again. I love having our own home, after 32 years of living in parsonages, but there is a price to pay--not just in all the bills that come along with home ownership, but in the "elbow grease" needed to keep it in good shape.

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