Saturday, May 28, 2016


I spent a lot of hours this week machine quilting the purple summer quilt.  It was a fairly heavy thing to handle--just because it is so big.  The measurements at this point are 97" x 103".  I had hoped for 105" x 105"  Perhaps I'll add borders to the 97" sides.

I chose a variegated thread in fairly bright colours for the one side and a variegated thread that blended with the purple for the other side.  Today I machine quilted the last quarter of the quilt.  BUT I turned the blended colour side up and used the bright coloured thread on it.  So now 3/4 of the quilt is brightly quilted on one side and 1/4 is brightly quilted on the other side.

It's not a disaster as this quilt is meant to be only a light summer cover, and not a "display worthy" quilt on top of the bed.  The difference in threads does not show up on a photo, but here's this big quilt on our bed:

It needs to be bound and washed a few times to soften it up.  I like to make very large quilts for our bed so that I still have some quilt left to cover me in the morning, after the Dear One has shifted it over to his side.  Anyone else have that problem?

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