Saturday, May 21, 2016


Saturday night is hamburger night here.  But we were out of buns, so I started them in the breadmaker, took out the dough and formed two trays of nice, big buns.  I always set the timer when there is something baking in the oven.  If I didn't I'd burn everything!

So I was shocked when about 8 minutes into baking the buns I smelled a "close to burning" smell and sensed too much heat.  Just as I went into the kitchen the smoke detector started shrilling.

The problem: I had put two large trays of buns on the top shelf of the oven.  That's the position I like for baking them, but I usually bake just one tray while the rest of the dough rises as a loaf of bread.  Today, because I want to go to town for a few items, I made all the dough into buns and tried to bake them at once.

I think because the oven shelf was completely full, the rising heat was not able to reach the sensor on top of the oven.  It kept calling for more and more heat.  I wonder how hot it became?  It surely smelled way over heated.

I turned the oven off and moved one of the trays down a shelf so the air could circulate.  I left the buns in the oven for the normal amount of time--the last half of their baking time the oven was off, but surely still hot enough.

So here they are:
The bottoms are singed, all right!  I think we'll be able to scrap that off.
The tops look fine.
But I guess the parchment paper is finished.

It's very, very rare that I burn anything.  I bake very carefully because I want good, even outstanding results.  I'll never fill up an oven shelf completely again!

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