Sunday, May 8, 2016


The deer continue their depredations on our landscape and vegetable garden.  So far we've planted a bed full of potatoes, which are not showing above the soil yet, and renovated our strawberry bed.  The strawberry bed is covered with large, heavy wooden frames with screening over them.  Pretty soon it's time to sow seeds for our summer's vegetables.

I had two good Butter Lettuce heads growing in a container on the back patio which the deer dined on, reducing them to little stalks.  Fortunately the lettuce are growing back.  There's also a container of spinach.  Now I hide both the spinach and the lettuce under lawn chairs on that patio over night.

For Mother's Day I took a beautiful hybrid rose bush from the greenhouse, planted it in a big pot with five sprigs of ivy surrounding it and placed it also on the back patio.  Just right now Jim is bringing some planters filled with purple and yellow pansies to set beside the house on the east side.  Such beautiful flowers.  To protect the rose I found a large cardboard box that I can put over the bush at night.

I knew that deer did not like and would not eat daffodils, but it seems that they also avoid the perennial Spurge which is spread around the front yard plantings.  There are even a few tulips amidst the Spurge which have not been touched.  This is quite a discovery!  The Spurge are the greeny-yellow flowers.  They are flourishing!

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