Saturday, May 7, 2016


Several friends and relatives have expressed concern for us in relation to the devastating fire at Fort McMurray.  So I've clipped this map that also shows the distance.  If there were an expressway direct from Three Hills to Fort McMurray and you got on and drove at a steady 100 km/hour, equivalent to 60 mph, it would take you close to 6 hours to reach the Fort.  Of course, the roads are not like that and you would have to get through or around Edmonton which would delay you some.

But, anyway, that gives you some idea of the distance.  Because the winds are generally west to east, we haven't even had smoke from that fire.  However, all of Alberta is extremely dry, and all of Alberta is under a fire ban, meaning, no outdoor fires permitted at all, not in burning barrels, not in campgrounds, nowhere.

Fort McMurray has been devastated, large areas completely destroyed.  90,000 people were evacuated with just 5 minutes notice.  Please pray for those people.  If you have it in your heart to help them, you can donate to Red Cross and indicate that it is for Fort McMurray.

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