Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Fresh snow overnight revealed these delicate pawprints leading up to our backdoor.  A little too far apart for a cat, but possibly made by a fox.  They led here and there around the house, out to the greenhouse, back from the greenhouse, out the driveway and across the road.

Coming the other way were bigger paw prints.  They could have been made by a dog, but were more likely made by a coyote.

One of the really interesting things about living in a rural area is the interaction with wildlife.  We've seen foxes, coyotes, deer, a moose, muskrats, weasels, gophers, mice, skunks!  Surprisingly few deer have visited our yard this winter.  I hope that stays true through spring, when all the tender new growth is so enticing!

That's not to mention the incredible number of bird species we see and listen to here, especially during the long days and short nights of June.  We wake to birdsong, accompanied by frog chatter.  The frogs begin courting as soon as the ice is off the pond.

What do you see and hear around your home?

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