Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I shouldn't leave you thinking we are still on the road.  We had a great trip back, couldn't have asked for better winter driving conditions.

Once we are past Las Vegas we are on Interstate 15 which brings us all the way to the Alberta border.  We chose to drive through the Salt Lake City area on Saturday morning, hoping that would mean less traffic than we've encountered at other times.

It worked wonderfully well.  Although we started out from Fillmore, Utah (where there's an excellent Comfort Inn which I highly recommend) at 8 a.m. in fog and rain, by the time we approached Provo, Utah the weather had cleared and the roads were dry.  We got into the HOV lane and sailed right through.  Traffic was moderately busy, but the HOV lane markings were absolutely obeyed.  In and out only at designated areas.  By 10:30 we were through the whole Salt Lake City area and back out into countryside.

The weather was perfect, clear and dry, and traffic on the Interstate was light.  We deliberately chose Saturday and Sunday to do that drive, hoping for those conditions.  It was an excellent trip.

Saturday night we stayed in Helena, Montana at a Super Eight, a real step down from the comfort of Comfort Inn, but an o.k. experience, and a good hot breakfast.

By 7:50 we were on the road and reached home around 3 p.m.  Thankful for a safe drive, not even having encountered any accident scenes on the whole trip.

Our area here had been having a very mild winter up to this point.  I kept track every day by checking the Weather Underground site.  But as soon as we got home the temperature fell.  There had been some snow falls earlier, and light fluffy snow fell Sunday night and all day Monday.  Today was beautifully bright and sunny--but with a high of about +10F.  No wind, so going for our morning walk, all bundled up, was a good experience.

Soon I hope to get back to some quilting projects.  For now I'm knitting on that scarf for Helen.  It will be just like the one for Tom, but 10 inches shorter and with slightly shorter fringes.  An easy knit!

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