Monday, February 9, 2015


A set of Knit Picks cable needles and a set of Knit Picks double point needles.  When our Dear Daughter in Law showed up a few years ago with these high class needles, I had a stab of envy.  Now I'm the happy owner of my own sets.  The sock yarns are Tropical Breeze Puddle Jumper on the left and Tropical Breeze Grasshopper on the right, a lovely addition to my stash of sock yarns.

From July of '13 to September of '14 I knit just one pair of socks, no other projects at all on the needles, because of problems with a "trigger finger" in my right hand.  That has been cured by some physiotherapy, an injection and lots of "not knitting."  Since September of '14 I've made two pairs of socks, the 100" long scarf pictured recently, and an identical scarf (for Helen, Tom's wife) that is already about 58" long, on its way to 90".  So I feel really ready to jump into several pairs of socks as gifts for the kids and grandkids, and maybe a pair for myself, as there's nothing that feels better on the feet than handknit socks made from good wool.

The needles will replace the following drawers of straight, dpns and cable needles, plus this set of Denise cable needles which I never really liked very much:

These new needles will be very handy.  They are compact, well organized and very portable.  As long as they are in my knitting bag I'm ready for almost any project!

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