Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quilty Inspiration

On Saturday my friend S. and I went to a quilt show in Drumheller.  It was so enjoyable!  We parked a little over a block away from Main Street and explored a few of the nifty (touristy) shops before hitting the quilt display.  I found a few little presents. We looked at some lovely quilts and some beautiful paintings and photographs.

Main Street was blocked off for the show and there were a LOT of quilts there.  One thing we noticed that somewhat surprised us was that so many of the quilts had really big blocks.  That, of course, makes the construction of a large quilt so much quicker and easier.

S. was looking for some inspiration for a quilty present for her daughter in law whom they will visit in August.  She found it in a good sized lap quilt in purples and greens with a bright yellow accent.  I suggested she take a picture, which she did, as I promised to chart out the pattern for her.

Monday morning I got busy and became really quite fascinated with it.  It's not a complicated quilt, so after about 3 hours I had drawn the blocks, figured out the construction procedure and got a pretty good estimate of the yardages needed.

Monday afternoon she and I went to town here and we both bought what was needed.  This morning I started cutting and sewing.

The first seam was a big OOPS! shown in the first picture.  I'm so used to sewing a square diagonally on the corner of a block I never stopped to think that a diagonal in a rectangle doesn't work the same way.  Was I ever surprised when I trimmed and turned it over to press.  This needs some more figuring out!

Then I got as far as the second photo.  The diamonds in rectangles need some more work.  There's not enough seam allowance at the centres.  Also
when I saw how the greens were really too
 close in value to stand out from each other I was disappointed.  The bolts seemed to have plenty of contrast, but when sewed together in a four patch, they just didn't do a good job.

So this afternoon S. and I went to town again, she for some other light green and a different background.  We had realized that her background fabric, which we both really liked, was directional and would present good sized headaches in this pattern.  I was looking for either a different light green, or something completely other.  Mary (at Mary's Quilt Shop) helped me find the fabrics in the last picture.  They are bluey green batiks that relate so much better to the other fabrics in the quilt.

I finished redoing that centre block just before 9 tonight.  Time for a shower and a snack before bedtime.  Tomorrow is another day and you can bet that there will be some sewing in it!

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