Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One Year Sock Project

A year ago I was knitting a pair of lovely Ultra Alpaca Berroco socks in a dark blue for #2 son.  When they were here visiting we tried the first sock on and realized it was simply too small with no way to add or fix them.  I put them aside and started on a second pair in the same yarn, but in a charcoal colour.  Shortly after that I had to stop knitting because of a "trigger finger" on my right hand.

Throughout the past year I worked on them in short sessions.  This morning I finished and sewed the ends in.  Just on time!  They are due for a visit here some day soon.  The socks are packed in a gift bag awaiting their arrival.

In July our landscape is at its best.  Beautiful blooms all over the place.

I took these two pictures from the front patio, facing the road, looking slightly north.  South of the driveway is our Garden Centre parking lot, not an interesting subject for a photo.

Jim thoroughly enjoys his landscape, and he should have a lot of credit: he planted all of this, including placing all the many, many rocks around the edges and surrounding the little pond hear the front of the yard.  It's nice that 15 years after the start of the project we are able to enjoy the luxuriant growth that he has promoted, and the beauty at all times of the year!

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