Friday, July 11, 2014

Kind of Dumb

Sometimes I'm surprised at how stupid I can be!  Because we're making this quilt from a picture, not a pattern, I had to chart out everything.  I've already told you about the ridiculous first seam.  These "losenge" blocks have given me a hard time!

The quilt needs four of these and sixteen half blocks. I made a mistake when I drafted the block.  I drew the points where the corner triangles meet to the cutting line, not the seam line.  I didn't notice what I'd done, but I really noticed that I couldn't make the block work.

After eight blocks that weren't really right I decided to redraft the block.  About time!  As soon as I drew it out I realized what was wrong and corrected that problem.

Then I tried out the new pattern in scrap material.  How come I didn't do that first time around?  What's that definition of stupidity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to turn out differently?
This scrap block turned out perfectly on the first try!  If I have enough material (and I think I do) I will make four good blocks when everything else is finished, before sewing the top together.

I also drafted the blocks for the inner border, and did make one of them.  The light purple is a directional fabric so I cut half the blocks horizontal and half the blocks vertical, for the sides and the top/bottom.  This inner border block will be positioned further out, not where it is in this photo, but I haven't sewed the blocks surrounding this center block yet.

After that it was easy to draft the half losenge block, though I haven't made any of them yet.

You can see a bit of the yellow that will be an accent fabric in the quilt.  It doesn't belong in the losenge block, but in its own block, show in the next photo.

I think it's quite pretty all together.


Here's S's first block.  Her colours are really pretty together!

With all the drafting work I've done for this quilt I should make a second top, just using a different colour combination.  That would take a fraction of the time this top has taken!

Sorry about the strange positioning in this post.  Sometimes the post doesn't look like what I make up. Pictures wander here and there and gaps appear.  Who knows why or how to fix it?  Not me.

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